Promoting Open and Free Research Access through Digital Thematic Groups

Digital thematic groups, which generate knowledge in open access on the digital transformation of education, are making their mark in Ludomag.

Aurélie Julien Aurélie Julien

Tomorrow’s CDI: Between Physical Space and Virtual Space at the College of Riom-ès-Montagne in Cantal

There are small territories nestled in the heart of rural France where one might think that "not much" happens and that everything is "simpler" because it is less densely populated. Don't believe these shortcuts!

Aurélie Julien Aurélie Julien

Education and the Role of AI in Service of Humans

In a context where AIs are ubiquitous, they still hold many secrets from us. The current challenge lies in not merely succumbing to their influence but in using them thoughtfully and efficiently in service of humans, especially in education for the younger generations who represent our future.

Aurélie Julien Aurélie Julien
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Educational Sessions, Activities, and Communication Actions of the School Library

Juliette Filiol regularly posts on her blog Cinephiledoc once a month about the activities conducted as a school librarian. These

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Encouraging a love of reading with the Sondo resource

Are middle and high school students avid readers? Without making any sweeping

Aurélie Julien Aurélie Julien

Creating enriched scientific pathways in physics

For this feedback session, we visited Orsay High School to discover the

Aurélie Julien Aurélie Julien

With CNED, innovation serves learners

At the Educ@tech Expo in November, we met Jean-Noël Tronc, the CEO of CNED, who highlighted the institution's challenges and its innovation strategy in educational technology.

Aurélie Julien Aurélie Julien

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